A Nano Technology Enabled Air Sterilizer & Respirator to kill harmful germs and maintain sterile zone.

Air Suction

An air suction is used in PUREPrana that haul a desirable amount of air into the chamber by drawing air from the atmosphere and process to the next chamber.

Photon Gun

The air which was drawn from the atmosphere now flows through this photon gun where it has an advanced nanoparticle material based PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) material and the wall is firmly adhered with TiO2.

Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO)

The powerful UV-C ray device present inside generates a particular bandwidth of UV-C rays radiating energy onto the PCO. This impact causes secondary emission facilitating plasma flow.

Production of Negatively Charged Ions

The plasma has negative ions. These are very powerful oxidants which annihilate microbes/virus/bacteria. which will destroy outer membrane of positively charged microbes/virus/bacteria resulting alteration of DNA structure and neutralize. 

Release of Negative Ions

PUREPrana releases germ-free air with trillions of ions further sterilizing the room. Ions knock down particles in air and also break down VOCs thus eliminating them.


When we inhale sterile air through nasal cannula the process helps us to neutralize all kinds of Airborne bacteria, virus and any kinds of infection present in the area of nasal, throat, and lungs. It helps to supply pure oxygen to all cells by improving its functional efficiency of lungs.

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