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We are on a mission, reaching beyond the last mile of healthcare !!

Welcome to PUREPrana, Nano-technology enabled air sterilizer and respiratory device. PUREPrana product is launched under the firm name PURE PRODUCTS AND DEVICES PRIVATE LIMITED. This, is a Hyderabad-based health-related research and device manufacturing firm with Global office in New Jersey, USA. PUREPrana, one device solution for being protected from all air-borne infections and diseases. We and our whole team are working by focusing on the present pandemic situation which the whole world is going through and similar situations that can come in further.


We are on a mission to revolutionize the way India seeks medical care by creating the largest healthcare hub connecting millions of people to quality medical care.


We envision a life which is healthier, happier, and longer through its incessant endeavor to bring healthcare resources closer to mankind for a better life.

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