The world’s first tested effective device in eliminating LIVE COVID Virus and helps in COVID Cure / COVID Prevention / Removal of any Virus or Bacteria.

The Next Gen Tech

Nano-Technology Enabled Air Sterilizer & Respirator

This is the only product that can extinguish bacteria and viruses in a closed environment. The Only product which can ensure infection control for likes of Influenza A virus H1N1 (Swine Flu) in a closed environment.

Unique Features

Evolution of PUREPrana

It took over 26 years of intensive research work for development of PUREPrana

Nano Technology

Built with latest in Nano Technology, PUREPrana is a unique hybrid of traditional and hi-tech innovation

Non Toxic & Healthy

Built with non toxic materials that make it safe for humans, environment and pets

Sterile Zone

Ensures complete sterilization of the air in the area, perfect for convalescing patients for early recovery

Easy Fit In

PUREPrana is easy to install and can be fitted into every space be it Home, Office Space, Hospitals & Schools

Easy to Maintain

It does not require filter replacement and has no downtime. It can be used constantly without a break

PUREPrana Inventor


The world’s most advanced nano-technology-enabled air sterilizer & respirator has invented by scientist K H Sastry Garu. Mr K.H. Sastry was born on 15th December 1945. After completion of his education (Radio & Radar Communication Engineering). He got an opportunity to work with our Indian Defence system from 1962-1980.

Mr Sastry has worked in different branches of defence, as mentioned below :

  • Ground & Airborne Radar communications, which was British-make.
  • Ground Radar P30M, which was Russian-make.
  • Ground Radar FPS100 American-make.
  • aircraft like Miraz, Sukhoi Su-7, and many more.
  • Radar ranging Air Craft installation in France.

PUREPrana is CCMB Tested

Shown 98% Viral Reduction at 45Mins

Premium Quality

Pureprana is Built with non-toxic materials and used Nano Technology.

No Maintaince Cost

The Device is with Zero maintenance no replacement of filters required.


The Device Comes with a Warranty period of 18 Months

Low Power Consumption

The Device use 16watts of power consumption.


It has been a while scientists across the globe thriving hard to eradicate Bacteria/Viruses /Microbes/ Infectious diseases from core areas that are highly prone to infection. All efforts were proved to be ineffectual to get the required balance. Still, there was none till PUREPrana Oxygen Sterilizer & Respirator was invented by scientist Mr. K.H. Sastry

The Scientist Mr. K. H. Sastry through his 35 years of research felt the need to bring out a unique, hybrid model Nano Technology Enabled Oxygen Sterilizer & Respirator with an advanced technology named it PUREPrana, which can reduce the bacterial or viral load to zero in the given environment


What Customers Say

Nissy John


Pureprana gives amazing results to covid patients ...
It can be used in every home to prevent diseases like covid and airborne black fungus.
I'm using this device and I suggest you use it too.

Anitha Kanakagiri

(State Manager, Nspira, Narayana Group)

As always I chose the most reliable product in the market and a greatest weapon against deadly virus is “PURE PRANA”. It creates a safe ambience where breathing is smooth, light and found way to step back to our normal lives


Student (MBA)

My grandmother had an issue of asthma with frequently facing palpitations. One of my relatives asked us to use pureprana oxygen sterilizer. After using now she is really started feeling better and comfortable. Thanks to PUREPrana

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PUREPrana Air Sterilizer & Respirator

PUREPrana Nano Technology Enabled Oxygen Sterilizer & Respirator is an outcome of different technologies comprising high power radio frequency transmission techniques, UV combined with PRF controlled energy and which when radiated on PCO material excites high power emission of ions.

  • Nano Technology
  • Non Toxic and Healthy
  • Builds a sterile zone
  • Easy fit in
  • Easy to maintain
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